Atomic Betty – Opening Sequence

第225回 オススメ海外ドラマで話が出たカエルの司令官の命を受けて銀河のために戦う変身少女 Atomic Bettyのオープニングです。この歌もすんげー好き。

Call me up, I’m your girl.
The toughest chick in the alien world.
Ain’t got time for pink and lace.
This girl’s built for outer space!

Atomic Betty is a fighting girl!
Atomic Betty gonna rock your world!
Atomic Betty, Atomic Betty…

Atomic Betty, a galactic girl!
Atomic Betty, gonna save the world!
Atomic Betty, Atomic Betty…
(Atomic Betty reporting for duty! Hya!!)

Cartoon Network Music – Atomic Betty

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